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Thursday, October 27, 2005

more poses...

This first image never made it into a cartoon. Originally in "Russell's Tussle" we had this bit where Witchy and her date, Baldy, are at the zoo, and while Rudy, the owl, is harassing poor Russell, Witchy and Baldy are having their own sick fun by using their magical powers on the animals. They end up concocting this monstrosity that we named, "Un Terephant". It has a horrifying call that sounds like, "KREEEEOOOONK!" Anyhow, it ends up flapping it's way out of the zoo and terrorizes people in the distance as Witchy and Baldy get all giddy about it. The following poses are from various episodes.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Worst Date BG's

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the support! Nothing satisfys us more than peoples reactions to Gruesomestein's Monsters whether good or bad. My troubles of logging on are all gone so I can finally give Mark a hand showing you guys our silly little show.

Here's a few BGs from my personal favorite episode "The Worst Date". I tried to stage things as if you were watching a play. Ian Hastings who painted the BGs added some weird shadows to help frame the action.

Ian had a great time painting these as you can tell. But he expressed how challenging it was to paint tonally. Color can be a crutch sometimes.

The following shot was the only shot that broke the "stage it like a play" rule. It was added to setup atmosphere. We needed to setup the spooky castle really fast and thought it would be best served with this downshot. It would have been nice to set up more mood but in a 5 minute short we needed the time for the story.

Thanks again for the encouraging words,

Shameless self promotion!

Hey everybody!

Well, I've been holding out putting together a blog featuring my personal work in hopes that I would build a website, but I give up. Blogging is just too easy and cheap. So check out "Poop Tooth!" which is gonna feature stupid drawings that I do mainly when I'm bored.

Here's the link...


...and now back to more Gruesomestein's Monsters...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gruesomestein's on Hallowe'en!

The Chicago International Children's Film festival has announced their line if you're in the Chicago area on October 31, Witchy demands that you go see "Gruesomestein's Monsters: Russell's Tussle".

The link to the festival is...


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


These kids were concepts for "Home Sweet Home" (animated beautifully in it's entirety by Jeff Astolfo I may add) in which Witchy is bombarded by pesky candy munching kids...and no one loves kids more than Witchy. She loves them stewed, barbecued, a la mode... Kids are a blast to draw...cute, ugly, and creepy all at the same time. We also wanted there to be a sense that these kids are filthy, reckless little vermin so that the audience would sympathize with Witchy.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Screen shot set ups

These are some promotional set ups from the show...Ian wanted the bank to look like money!